Based in Leeds, The Jewish Heritage Centre for Children is a unique facility which brings Jewish history, values and traditions to life for adults and children to experience and enjoy in a fun and entertaining way.


With our heritage tour and emphasis on hands on learning activities we encourage respect and understanding of Jewish heritage for visitors of all faiths and backgrounds to appreciate. 


Created in 2010 with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the centre utilises arts and crafts, cookery, artefacts and videos to bring Judaism to life for the public.

Housing a recreated 19th century Eastern European rural village and a modern “play” kosher supermarket and kids’ kosher kitchen, the centre aims to give children a real sense of what Jewish life is all about. The exhibition and activities show how Jewish traditions and culture have survived through the ages into the modern day and how learning about the past can help to build the future.


Primarily, the Museum serves Primary School children but it also provides a unique opportunity for adult groups to explore a different culture and faith and is a resource and model locally and nationally, for interactive education on Jewish themes. 


The Jewish Heritage Centre for Children is housed within the Chabad Lubavitch Centre in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Chabad Lubavitch, has its own synagogue. It also has its own on-site  library, educational facilities and offices, providing additional resource materials.





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"A very enriching day! All activities were engaging and brought to life the children’s learning in class. We will take lots of memories away with us."


                                                Meanwood C of E Primary School