Adult groups are always on the lookout for interesting new places to visit. The Jewish Heritage Centre has become a popular venue for visiting groups (young and old) since it first opened in October 2010. Though initially designed with Primary School visits in mind, the special Packages for Adults that we offer, have proven to be extremely successful. Our most popular Package includes an afternoon or evening talk and tour of our recreated 19th century East European Village/Shtetl, with video presentations, Jewish food tasting, Kosher Discovery and a special trip to a nearby Synagogue or a tour of our on-site working synagogue.


The Jewish Heritage Centre is a unique project which brings Jewish history, values and traditions to life to experience and enjoy in an entertaining way whilst also encouraging respect and understanding of Jewish heritage across all faiths and backgrounds.

“We have had a fantastic and informative afternoon. The refreshments were welcoming and we settled in happily with our hostess who explained things and answered questions. Thank you very much indeed for a memorable experience”


Farsley Friends