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The synagoge

The centrepiece of the Jewish Heritage Centre’s exhibition is our recreated mid 19th century Eastern European rural village. Known as a “shtetl”, the village was the centre of Jewish life in Europe and Russia from medieval times until World War II.


The village showcases the rich variety of Jewish festivals and traditions utilising videos and stimulating the senses with hands-on activities. 


Come and explore the Scribe’s House where parchments and feather quills, scrolls and prayer boxes can all be handled.


See how preparations were made for the Jewish New Year in the Village Shop.


Sit inside a Succah (temporary shelter), or light the Chanukah Menorah (candelabra) in the Candle Store.


Dress up as a villager and take a walk along the cobbled street.


Discover the special ark where the holy Sefer Torah Scrolls (The Bible) are kept in the Village  Synagogue and learn how the villagers kept the Sabbath in bygone days in the Village House.


There’s something for everyone in our Village Tour and plenty of opportunities to ask questions and handle objects.



Step into the present and see how the kosher dietary laws are kept in our Kosher Discovery Kitchen. With separate areas for dairy and meat visitors can cook up a make believe meaty or milky meal using realistic food props and real cutlery and dishes. 


As well as having fun shopping in the Kosher Supermarket shoppers learn how to identify kosher products by identifying labels on packages and looking for kosher “signs”. Fill up your shopping basket and pay at the till, but make sure to cook your foods with the correct pots & pans when you unpack your groceries in the kitchen.


In addition to the Kosher Discovery area children can learn about the special foods that Jewish people eat on Passover. Sit down on the giant Seder plate and identify the symbolic foods and why they are eaten. There’s a giant onion and boiled egg, lettuce leaves and a chicken bone! 


With helpful guides and clear informative posters we welcome all your questions.

"The children were still buzzing on their journey back to school….saying how much they enjoyed it and how much they’d learnt. Absolutely fantastic! "

Rothwell Victoria Junior School